3 Ways To Protect a Paint Job From the Weather

Learn How to Prevent Paint Damage

Winter weather and road salt can combine to undermine a car’s paint job. Prolonged exposure to snow and ice will increase the risk of corrosion or oxidation. If you want to protect your vehicle’s coat, you’ll need some help from the professionals at Kiwi Paint Solutions in Springdale, Arkansas. Here are three ways to limit the damage that automotive paint suffers during the colder months.

1. Stop Corrosion Before It Starts

Corrosion is most likely to affect metal components on the undercarriage of a vehicle. If any chips or dings in paint are present, corrosion can permeate the surface and start to spread. Wax your car or truck every season and consider having a lubricating coat applied to the undercarriage at the start of the season. Regularly rinse the lower half of a vehicle, especially after driving through a muddy rain or snow storm.

2. Cover Vehicles Parked Outside

Put on an outdoor car cover to limit exposure to moisture and light while a vehicle is parked or stored outside. A durable, water-resistant cover can stand up to the demands of outdoor conditions during all seasons. Auto body shop paint experts recommend using a cover to prevent water, ice, and snow from coming into prolonged contact with painted surfaces. They also block harmful UV rays from the sun that corrode paint finishes.

3. Gently Remove Ice, Snow, & Debris

If you park outside without a cover, plan to use specialized, paint-safe tools for removing anything that builds up on your car, such as leaves, ice, or snow. Automotive snow brooms with foam heads or soft-bristled brushes are the safest options. A regular broom or a brush with firm bristles can abrade the finish, and scrapers that have sharp edges will damage the paint.

The auto body shop paint specialists at Kiwi Paint Solutions can recommend the right products to protect a paint job and prevent corrosion from harsh conditions. We have three locations throughout Missouri in O’Fallon, Nixa, and Lebanon, as well as a facility in Springdale, Arkansas. Consult with one of our local experts about the best ways to prepare your vehicle for the winter.

Written by Kiwi Paint Solutions

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