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What’s Available at Kiwi Paint Solutions

We know just how important your business, service, and projects are to you. Our owner worked hard to make Kiwi Paint Solutions a reality, and we work hard to ensure those same visions and expectations are met. With a decade of experience helping shop owners and car enthusiasts across the Midwest, we have all the top tier auto paint products you may need. As a BASF ColorSource Distributors our four facilities our stocked with industry-best products for automotive painting, detailing, general shop supplies, and more! If you have a hard time making it to our facility, we have product vans that are ready to come out to your business! Our vans are stocked with over 3,500 parts and adequately equipped to provide you with the value you deserve. Whatever your shop needs, we have it ready and waiting for you. Start an account today and see what’s available in our inventory!

How Your Business Will Benefit

When you work with Kiwi Paint Solutions, you've committed to making one of the finest decisions for you, whether you're a shop owner or a car enthusiast. We identify the best auto paint products in the market, so you have all the tools to provide high-quality services for your customers. Our staff takes time to understand your needs, specific brand requests, and your budget so we can find the high-quality products you require. We'll also organize internal logistics to deliver the exact items you need to the most convenient Kiwi Paint Solutions location for you. If you prefer to handle this process yourself, feel free to utilize our online store! You'll be able to look at specific products and pricing and have them shipped right to your location.

Although we're proud of our high-quality selection of auto paint products, our real value comes from our experience and expertise. As leaders in the industry, it's our job to help you meet and exceed the goals you've set, and that all starts with the right foundation. Partnered with businesses such as 3M and BASF, we carry insight and knowledge that others don't. Along with our product selection, we take time to help you and your business. We'll come to your shop and provide training opportunities for your staff. With the help of BASF, we'll improve your shop's service quality and reduce vehicle touch time. This all leads to things that’ll boost your business: happier customers, better insurance payouts, and knowledgeable auto professionals.

Let Us Help Your Business!

For all your auto paint product and consultation needs, let Kiwi Paint Solutions be the answer for you. With facilities that serve clients across the Midwest, we're stocked with state-of-the-art tools, components, and products to help improve the quality of your services and projects. We'll equip you with the top resources in the industry to help meet any needs you have. Schedule a demo with one of our shops, and we'll have our state-of-the-art trailer come out and perform a demonstration right in front of your shop!

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