The Top 5 Causes of Car Paint Damage

What to Avoid to Protect Your Car’s Paint

Cars and trucks encounter a variety of substances and circumstances that can damage their paint on a daily basis. No matter the season or where you drive, some risk of car paint damage is always present. How is that possible? The experts at Kiwi Paint Solutions in Lebanon, Missouri, can tell you. Here are five common substances that cause damage and a few tips for maintaining an auto body shop paint job.

1. Gasoline

Gasoline and non-silicone-based brake fluid can damage the clear coat on your vehicle and cause the paint to peel. Try to avoid spills while filling up at the gas station and regularly apply wax to allow for easier cleanup in case any spills do happen.

2. Salt

Roads are salted to lower the freezing point of water and prevent ice from forming. Salt and water combine to create a corrosive mixture that can damage metal components and paint. While it might not snow often in Lebanon, the brine applied to roads even once is enough to harm the paint. Apply wax at the start of the winter season and get your car cleaned after winter weather to wash away the salt.

3. Tar

Driving through hot or freshly-laid asphalt can spatter tar onto automotive paint. Use a specialized auto body shop paint cleaner to remove tar without damaging the finish.

4. Bird Droppings

Bird eggs and droppings erode car paint. If spots remain on a car or you frequently park in an exposed location, the clear coat could wear away and make corrosion more likely to form.

5. Shoe Polish

Applying shoe polish to vehicles for special occasions has become a tradition. Polish does not harm glass but can be difficult to remove from the paint without causing scratches. Use automotive-grade products to protect your vehicle’s finish.

You may be able to prevent paint damage by limiting contact with these substances and regularly waxing your vehicle. Immediately rinse or wash painted surfaces exposed to salts or solvents, and consult auto body shop paint experts about challenging cleaning tasks. Kiwi Paint Solutions in O’Fallon, Missouri, is here to help. Head to the closest location to find cleaning supplies for preventing car paint damage.

Written by Kiwi Paint Solutions

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