What Causes Paint Oxidation?

Learn What Factors Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job

Paint on vehicles that are primarily parked outside tends to become cloudy or faded over time. Heat, oxygen and ultraviolet light combine to wear away the protective clear coat over automotive paint. Oxidation starts by breaking down the shiny finish and exposes the color to further environmental damage. Kiwi Paint Solutions in O’Fallon, Missouri, wants to help you learn more about the causes of paint oxidation and the preventative measures you can take. We can also help you determine when an auto body shop can restore permanent damage.

Direct Sunlight

Sunny days contribute to auto paint oxidation. In addition to heat, ultraviolet rays are particularly damaging to clear coats and paint. The best ways to limit direct light and heat are to park in a garage or another covered structure or put on a vehicle cover that’s rated for outdoor use.

Oil in Auto Body Shop Paint

Paint contains oils that provide a glossy finish. Environmental damage wears down these oils and leaves the color with a dull appearance. The best way to prolong the life of a paint job is to wash your car or truck with a safe cleanser that’s formulated for automotive use and apply a coat of wax with UV protectant every season.

Heat and Oxygen

Even with proper storage and care, exposure to heat and oxygen will eventually result in oxidation. It may be possible to restore the appearance of paint with minor damage with liquid abrasive buffing and wax treatments. Vehicles with more extensive paint oxidation may require touch-ups or a new coat of paint.

Ask For Help

Parking in a garage or using an outdoor cover are the best ways to avoid paint oxidation. If environmental damage has already begun to affect the appearance of your vehicle, consult with the auto body shop paint experts at one of our three Missouri facilities located around O’Fallon. Kiwi Paint Solutions is a certified BASF ColorSource distributor with a full selection of automotive painting supplies.

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